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3rd Transformation Literacy Conference week Localizing SDG Transformations

Veranstalter: Collective Leadership Institute

Human activity is exceeding planetary boundaries, the very systems that make life on Earth possible. Food, water, and energy systems are threatened, as well as healthcare, education, and social services, and democracy, justice, and peace.

Efforts to drive sustainability transformations need to connect local, national, and regional efforts. Identifying ways for the Global Goals to truly go ‘glocal’ is pivotal for their achievement. Indeed, a diverse multitude of networks, communities of practice, initiatives, partnerships, and global transformation projects aim to do just that. Their approaches to localizing SDG contributions are as varied as their diverse forms.

This year, CLI’s Transformation Literacy Conference focuses on how different forms of transformation efforts, such as networks, partnerships, and global meta-collaborations – all contribute to localizing the SDGs.

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