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“Our Precious Resources: Pathways to a Secure and Sustainable Future”

Veranstalter: Humboldt Residency Programme

In this event, the creative lead Prof. Pratyush Shankar and the participants of the Humboldt Residency Programme 2023 will share their insights from the residency and reflect on their learnings from each other. The audience is invited to ask questions and engage with the cohort. We are delighted that the Alexander von Humboldt foundation’s secretary general Dr. Enno Aufderheide will give his welcoming remarks.

The Humboldt Residency cohort 2023 explored this year’s topic “Our Precious Resources” from two distinct angles:

One group of the cohort investigated the impact of global overconsumption, shedding light on the hidden consequences (“(in)visible shadows”) of this phenomenon. Overconsumption is accelerated by the use of resources that are marketed as more sustainable alternatives. However, the group shows that when the extraction processes behind these supposedly sustainable resources are unveiled, the promise of increased sustainability often fails to materialise.

The other group within the cohort conducted interviews with individuals referred to as "choice architects" to explore the various dimensions in which a person can be considered a choice architect. Their research maps out how choice architecture can contribute to the transformation of societies towards greater sustainability and invites each of us to reflect on the contexts in which we act as choice architects and how, as choice architects, we can advance sustainable consumption.

The Residency Programme brings together an international and interdisciplinary cohort of researchers, civil society actors, artists, and journalists to collaborate on a topic of global relevance. The programme’s aim is to create synergies and new perspectives within the cohort as well as to communicate with and into the public by identifying and exploring ways in which the group’s academic research can have a wider social impact.


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